Instructor Profile: Wayne Searle

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Wayne was a top player for the San Diego State Golf team. Along with playing in NCAA tournaments and Mini Tour events, Wayne has won the San Diego City Tournament and also held the title as the All Marine Corps Champion. He owned and was Head Professional of the Surf and Turf Golfing Center for 15 years. Wayne has been teaching with Kip Puterbaugh at the Aviara Golf Academy since 1991. He is currently the founder of the Aviara Golf Academy Custom Practice Centers.

A Tip from Wayne

Stop Casting & Start Lagging

I see a lot of casting of the club from the top of the swing. Not an easy habit to break. Most casters don’t set the club on the back-swing, resulting in an instant throw down from the top.

One possible solution: On the back-swing, let the right elbow fold early, presetting the club. Don’t confuse tucking the right elbow with letting it fold early on the back-swing. The right elbow can fold early with your arms extending away from the body as you turn.