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Instructor Profile: Ken Green

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I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. I’ve played golf since I can remember(age 7), along with just about every other sport. Almost all of my amateur golf was played in Illinois. My high school team reached the State finals three consecutive years as I played as the #1 man on the team. We also won our league title those three years. I won several junior tournaments in Illinois, including the Illinois State Junior Match Play Championship. After attending San Diego State, I turned professional and played for 6 1/2 years mostly in Southern Cal. After traveling to Australia to qualify for the Australasian Tour, I decided full time travel was not for me. I decided to seek employment to be able to spend time with my wife and family, instead of chasing the little white ball around the world.

I was fortunate to be hired at the Aviara Golf Academy by Kip Puterbaugh in the Spring of 1993. I’ve been teaching here since that time. I love teaching and working with all the different people I’ve met from around the world. I have a real desire for people to improve their golf game, and, more importantly, to improve their enjoyment of the game. After all, for most people, golf is a leisure activity and is supposed to be fun. Even the most serious and experienced players are reminded why they play this silly game.

Outside of golf, I coach many different youth sports, with baseball and basketball being the primary focus. I use my knowledge of the physical motion of the golf swing to enhance the motion of other sports. I also use the psychology of golf to improve concentration, focus, and fun. It’s pretty neat when you see the light bulb go on for some child. You know you’ve taught them something they’ll remember for a long time. I get that same enjoyment out of teaching golf to all skill levels. It’s very satisfying to know you’ve helped somebody.

In the future, I’m hoping to play some tournament golf again. I’m also planning to guide some golf trips to world wide golf destinations. And, of course, I’ll continue teaching golf for as long as I can.

A Tip from Ken

When playing from a fairway bunker, unlike a greenside bunker, you want to strike the ball before the sand. By making a few adjustments at address, you can make better contact with the ball. First, dig your feet, toes first, into the sand to create a solid base and avoid slipping. Second, grip down on the club to compensate for the depth of your feet and to keep from hitting the sand before the ball. Third, move the ball slightly (an inch or so) back in your stance. Always be sure the club you choose will comfortably clear any lip in the bunker. You can even use a fairway wood if the situation allows. Keep your lower body stable on the backswing, and make a good shift through to the target. With these set up adjustments and some practice, hopefully, fairway bunkers won’t seem so intimidating.

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