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Awards For Our Staff

October has been a good month for our staff.  The first piece of good news came when Golf Digest Magazine did their annual Best Teachers in the State issue.  We have 7 instructors at the academy and all 7 were within the top 35 for the State of California. With the size and population of California, I am very proud of this accomplishment for our staff.  The second piece of good news was I was inducted into the California PGA Teachers Hall of fame.  It is a great honor to receive this praise from your contemporaries and the PGA.  The third item was that Golfweek just ranked Alana Uriell, a student of my son Jason for the past 8 years, as the 8th Best Female Collegiate Golfer in the Country.  Our staff is excited about these accomplishments and will continue to work to become better at our craft!

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Golf Digest Best Teachers California 2022-2023
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